Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Go Cougars!!!

This is where we were Saturday.

Watching this...

and this!

This was the outcome!

These were the seats occupied by OU fans.

What an amazing experience!! In the new Dallas Cowboy's Stadium, Aaron's company put in the bigscreen, which is 60 yards long. Because of this, they had a suite at this game. My husband's boss was kind enough to allow Aaron to play host to the R C Willey representative and his spouse that was going. They happen to be my parents, so it was a really fun vacation. The BIG screen is absolutely amazing and no picture can ever capture that. I had seen multiple pictures of it prior to walking into the stadium, and I was still speechless upon seeing it. We shared the suite with about 12 OU fans, but it was a fairly friendly atomosphere. It was so exciting to win and I have never felt so proud to wear blue!