Monday, December 29, 2008


We just took Zach to the eye doctor and he doesn't need glasses. YIPEEEEE!!!!!! I am so excited if you can't tell. He has been doing some weird things lately that made us think he might need them and since I was 3 when I first got glasses we thought it was a good idea to check.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zoo lights

I was tired of being behind, so I am catching up today. So I have 4 new posts for today. I am trying to do better.

We braved the cold last night and went to Zoo lights. You can tell that the zoo went to a lot of work. Each of the kids got some special glasses to view the lights. They turned the lights into snowmen. I think the adults liked them more than the kids. Thanks Ash for putting our activity together.

The kids were a little disappointed they didn’t get to see the animals. This is a red panda and it is one of two animals that we saw. The other was a lynx.

Jazz game

We got to go to a Jazz game Thursday night. One of Aaron’s dealers has season tickets and decided to not use his Thursday, so he offered them to us. It was a good game that kind of fizzled at the end, but the Jazz still one.

Yes, that is right; we were that close, row 15 to be exact.

Jedi training

Zach got to go to a Jedi training birthday. My cousin Ryan really likes Star Wars. The party was great! They had an obstacle course, rocket launching, Yoda says, and a few other games. The kids had so much fun! Thanks for all of your work Jamie.

Our Christmas Tree

This is our lovely tree. It is so tall that Aaron had to pull out the big ladder to finish the lights. And as tradition goes, my two boys put up our star. We decided to not use colored Christmas balls this year and to only use the ornaments that mean something to us. Our tree may be a little bare but we like it. Some day we will have enough meaningful ornaments that will fill a tree.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Festival of Trees

I am trying to catch up and do a better job than I did in October. Tis the season for many activities and this is the last one from November

Every year my family does a tree for The Festival of Trees. If you are not familiar with what the Festival of Trees is, it is an event where families, groups, businesses, or organinzations decorate trees, wreaths and even gingerbread houses to be auctioned off. All of the money is donated to Primary Children's Hospital. It is a wonderful opportunity for my family and we love the time we get to share planning and decorating. This year we chose to do a Chinese New Year tree and our tree was sold on the first night. Now it is time to start thinking about next year's tree.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Annual Tree Hunting

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my family makes a small journey to go cut down our Christmas Trees. It is one of MY favorite traditions.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I have to kick myself again. I forgot my camera on Thanksgiving so I only have pictures that other people took. But at least I have some of the annual fishing pond at my grandma's. It is what we all look forward to.

Waiting to fish.


The helper fish!